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The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin are dedicated to making sure their clients receive an intelligent and thorough defense. Being arrested for a DUI charge in California should never be taken lightly, and the penalties even for first time offenders are serious, with long-reaching consequences.

Jonathan Franklin can help you with the Court system. This former prosecutor knows the law and the intricacies of the legal system, and uses that knowledge to help his clients in the legal system. 

About Jonathan Franklin

Jonathan Franklin received his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He received his law degree from Stetson University College of Law, one of the nation’s top-rated schools for trial advocacy. During his education, Jonathan spent time gaining valuable experience in practice as a Special Assistant Public Defender. He then served as the Assistant State Attorney where he gained valuable courtroom experience prosecuting a multitude of cases. During his tenure in the State’s Attorney’s office, Jonathan successfully prosecuted his fair share of DUI cases. However, Jonathan’s real passion is to defend the rights of his client. So, he opened a practice dedicated to supplying an honest, intelligent legal defense in Los Angeles by defending those arrested for DUI. 

Community Outreach

Jonathan strives to do what he can to make a positive impact in the legal industry through his activities with various professional organizations. He sits on the Board of Governors for the Beverly Hills Bar Association and is a member of The Order of Distinguished Attorneys. He also serves on the Delegation Committee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Jonathan supports a wide variety of charitable and cultural organizations. He is an active member of the Screen Actor’s Guild, is involved with the Actor’s Fund of America, and sits on the Board of the Hollywood Heights Association. He participates in many fundraising activities and is an active member of his community. 

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Remember, a DUI arrest does not mean a DUI conviction. There are a number of things that a DUI attorney can do in order to get your case dismissed or to secure a plea agreement to a lesser charge. Jonathan Franklin will closely examine the evidence against you, including the actions of the arresting officers, the breathalyzer maintenance records, and other circumstances of your arrest. With respect to the law, few things are absolute. Stay calm and call a qualified lawyer.

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