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Located just 13 miles from Downtown, Los AngelesLocated just 13 miles from Downtown, Los Angeles, Downey is known for the legendary Carpenters and Apollo Space Program. However, this city does not rely on the success of Karen Carpenter or space program to sustain the sense of pride among its residents. The community supports countless activities of fun and entertainment within the city parameters, but close proximity to Downtown Los Angeles creates additional avenues of fun and entertainment, including the excitement of nightlife to its residents.

During your stay in Downey, you will definitely find your favorite activities for fun and entertainment. If you love delicious food, you can visit the world’s oldest Macdonald fast-food restaurant. This restaurant is very popular among the residents of Downey. If music drives your soul, you can find any music that lifts your mood. If you wish to enjoy theatre shows, Downey Theater is the perfect destination for a lingering experience. You can visit Stonewood Center to enjoy a great shopping experience.

If you like to play golf, you will be delighted find one of the top golf courses in Southern California as reported by the Golf Digest. Obviously, you will not be able to resist the temptation to visit the Rio Hondo Golf Club and play some links with your friends and family. This golf course is definitely one of the attractions that infuse the resident of Downey with a sense of pride for their city.

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If you want to spend some time with your family, you can visit one of the parks in Downey that provides numerous outdoor activities for family fun and entertainment. The other exciting places for family entertainment in Downey include restaurants, farmer’s market and Movie Theater. Taste of Downey is a very popular event for wholesome fun and enjoyment. The residents do not need to visit a big city to have fun and entertainment. Every possible avenue of fun and excitement is available within the parameters of this city.

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The exciting avenues of fun and entertainment in Downey provide the opportunity for the residents to realize their fullest potential, but the city also facilitates very professional service providers to ensure that its residents do not suffer from any hurdle towards their growth and future prospect. Highly experienced and reliable DUI attorneys of Downey protect the rights of the residents and make sure thatthey are not bound to accept arbitrary decisions of law enforcement officers. In fact, Downey DUI attorneys are known for their success in defending DUI cases in California. Therefore, if you are pulled over and charged for DUI in Downey, you should promptly contact Downey DUI lawyers or attorneys to rule out the severe consequences of DUI criminal proceedings and settle the charges in your favor.

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