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What Counts as Reasonable Suspicion in a DUI Investigation?

Any time police make a driving under the influence, or DUI, stop they must have reasonable suspicion a driver committed a crime. If a police officer believes a driver committed a crime, the officer can briefly detain you and conduct a short investigation. If the officer notices other evidence of a DUI, the officer will probably request the driver to take field sobriety or Breathalyzer tests.


Without reasonable suspicion, a driver can’t lawfully be arrested for DUI. For instance, a police officer pulls you over without reasonable suspicion you committed a crime, like speeding or running a red light. During a conversation with you, the officer notices the smell of alcohol coming from your vehicle. The officer then requests that you take a Breathalyzer test. You do. However, you fail your breath test. The officer arrests you for suspicion of DUI.

In the above example, the officer didn’t have a valid reason to stop you. Based on this evidence alone, the DUI charge would be dismissed.

What is Reasonable Suspicion?

Reasonable Suspicion is a term referring to facts or circumstances that lead a police officer to believe an individual committed a criminal act. The criminal act doesn’t have to include driving under the influence, but a simple traffic infraction. Common traffic or criminal acts that can cause reasonable suspicion include:

• Drifting in and out of lanes
• Driving too fast
• Almost hitting another car
• Driving too slow
• Frequently braking
• Stopping the vehicle without reason
• Driving across the center line

Is Reasonable Suspicion the same as Probable Cause?

No. Generally speaking, a police officer needs reasonable suspicion to start a criminal investigation. To make a lawful arrest, a police officer needs probable cause. Another difference between reasonable suspicion and probable cause is the type of evidence needed. Probable cause requires a stricter standard of evidence. For example, you fail one of the field sobriety tests. The officer has probable cause you committed a crime, drinking and driving. Therefore, he can arrest you.

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Reasonable suspicion doesn’t automatically translate to guilt. In other words, just because an officer has reasonable suspicion to pull you over and conduct a DUI investigation, it doesn’t mean you’re guilty of any crime. If you are arrested for DUI, contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin immediately.

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