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What is DUI Alcohol Rehabilitation?

A driver who agrees to a plea bargain or is found guilty after a trial of driving under the influence, or DUI, may receive probation. One of the conditions of DUI probation can be a person's mandatory attendance at a certified alcohol rehabilitation center. The required hours of alcohol rehabilitation depends on the nature and type of DUI offense.

For a first-time DUI conviction, a judge won’t necessarily make participation mandatory at a residential or out-patient alcohol rehabilitation center, aside from the mandatory three month alcohol course. Under specific circumstances, a judge can order a driver to attend an alcohol rehabilitation facility such as:

  • Extreme blood alcohol concentration, or BAC
  • Child passenger
  • 0.20 percent BAC level
  • Car accident caused by DUI

California Vehicle Code 23538

A court can refer a first-time DUI offender who has a BAC less than 0.20 percent by body weight to a licensed alcohol rehabilitation program. The offender’s participation in the program is for three months or longer. The timeframe depends on what is ordered by the court. The licensed alcohol rehabilitation program consists of a minimum 30 hours of program activities. These activities include:

  • Individual interview sessions
  • Alcohol education
  • Group counseling

VC 23540 also includes second-time DUI offenders. In California, a second DUI takes place within 10 years of the first DUI case. A second-time DUI requires an attendance of 18 to 30 months in a DUI program.

Why Would Alcohol Rehabilitation be a part of My Probation?

California’s goal is to reduce recidivism. Ordering a DUI offender to attend alcohol rehabilitation is one way the state tries to reduce repeat DUIs. An effective alcohol rehabilitation program can prevent a DUI offender from driving while under the influence in the future. Of course, rehabilitation is only one part of a DUI sentence. A judge may sentence a driver to fines, jail time and/ or ignition interlock device, or IID, placement on his vehicle. Rehabilitation is generally in lieu of jail time and other penalties.

Los Angeles County Rehabilitation Centers

Los Angeles County has a lot of rehabilitation centers. Some include the titles detox and sober living in their names. The DUI programs in the county are managed by the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs’, or SDP, Office of Criminal Justice Collaboration. The department manages all the alcohol rehabilitation programs in the country.

The Types of Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs in California

Four main alcohol rehabilitation programs are available in the state depending on the DUI conviction:

• 30-Month program
• Wet reckless program
• 18-Month program
• First-time Offender program

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