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Driver’s License Suspension from DUI

With a DUI arrest, one severe consequence is a suspension of driving privileges. When you lose your right to drive, it affects every part of your personal and professional life. It is a huge burden that can last from months to years.

That is why it is important to contact a Los Angeles DUI lawyer. Jonathan Franklin helps many people who have been arrested for a DUI in LA and Southern California. He knows how important it is for a person to retain the right to drive. 

Losing Your License: Legal Procedures

The first legal procedure set in motion after a DUI arrest is the criminal charge that has its own set of consequences in addition to the suspension of your driver’s license. Those consequences include fines, court costs, potential jail time as well as a requirement to attend a DUI school.

The Administrative Hearing

The second procedure set in motion once an arrest for a DUI occurs is the DMV DUI Administrative Hearing. That is a civil matter that can cause a person to lose their license. Once arrested, your license will be confiscated, and you then have 10 days to schedule an Administrative Hearing. If this is not scheduled or handled properly, the chances are high you could lose the privilege to drive in California.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin know the intricacies of the Court system. Jonathan Franklin can help you through every step of the legal process. This includes representing you at the administrative hearing, as well criminal proceedings. Even if you are found not guilty at the criminal proceeding, the Administrative Hearing must be handled separately in order for you to retain your privilege to drive.

Losing your privilege to drive can cause severe complications in your life. It can inhibit your ability to retain or find new employment. It also can complicate your social and family life. Retain a qualified attorney as quickly as possible to maximize your chances of keeping your driving privileges.

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