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Expungement and Record Clearing

There is no denying that a criminal record for a DUI can hold you back both personally and professionally. A DUI in your past can seriously affect your ability to be considered for some careers. It can also inhibit entering your college of choice, and can have other long-lasting effects.

For these reasons, it makes practical sense to seek the help of a Los Angeles DUI attorney who is familiar with the law and the Southern California court system. At the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin, we will evaluate your legal situation and the circumstances of your conviction to determine the feasibility of attempting to seal or expunge your criminal record.

Juvenile records usually can be sealed. In many cases, adult criminal DUI convictions can be expunged from your records, leaving you in a better position to move forward in your life. In the current information age, potential employers are looking up arrest records on anyone they are considering hiring. Finding DUI records is very easy with the information technology of today, but by expunging these records you can help clean up your record. 

Expunging and Sealing Records

Since expungement can be a complicated legal process, it is prudent to hire someone with experience. The process can last for months, which is why hiring an attorney who has dealt with expungement of DUI is a smart move. Call the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin for a free initial consultation.

The benefits of clearing your criminal record are numerous. You no longer have to answer, “yes” to the question of having been convicted of a crime on an employment application or other document. You can also breathe easier when a potential career opportunity comes along that requires a background check. Most employers do require background checks and some may reject any applicant with a DUI conviction.

Los Angeles DUI Attorney Jonathan Franklin can help with this expungement process. Initially, he will evaluate your case and advise you about the best way to proceed with your personal circumstances. Don’t waste another day worrying about your past when there are possible solutions to the problem. Everyone deserves a fresh start so they can live up to their potential. Call the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin now for help.

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