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Underage Drinking and Driving Laws in California

California has absolutely no tolerance when it comes to driving under the influence, or DUI, by an underage driver. In fact, the state has implemented a zero tolerance law when it comes to driving and underage drinking. Zero tolerance refers to an underage driver operating a motor vehicle while having any alcohol in his or her bloodstream for anyone younger than 21. The age is 21 years old because that is the legal limit to drink in the state.

Don’t think you’re the only one who has been arrested for driving and underage drinking in the state. In Los Angeles County, many underage drivers have been arrested for driving while under the influence. Remember, though, not every underage driver has been convicted of zero tolerance DUI.

The Problem with California’s Zero Tolerance Laws

The state’s zero tolerance law prohibits anyone under 21 years old to drink any alcohol and operate a motor vehicle. The problem is the way police detect blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, in the body. It’s done via a chemical test which consists of a blood or breath test. These chemical tests have a margin of error. A driver under the age of 21 years old could blow into a breath device after drinking no alcohol and register a BAC level. Remember even if there’s a slight BAC, it violates the zero tolerance law.

With a breath test, there’s a larger margin of error than a blood test. Of course, both chemical tests can be flawed. Recently, news broke about errors in one crime law in a California county. Many drivers arrested for DUI suspicion underwent criminal testing. Their results were inaccurate. The margin of error was slight. However, it was large enough to put some drivers over the legal limit for being intoxicated. What’s horrifying is that prosecutors added additional evidence against them that wasn’t true. 

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