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Looking for Employment? What You Should Know about Having a DUI on Your Record.

It is always a challenge finding a new job. The challenge is tougher when your resume is remarkable, but your criminal record includes a driving under the influence, or DUI, conviction. There is a possible bright side. Depending on the nature of your DUI arrest and/or conviction, you may withhold information about your DUI on your job applications.

Your DUI Arrest and Job Search
You do not have to tell a job interviewer anything about your drunk driving arrest unless you are specifically asked about it. The same goes for your job application. You do not have to voluntarily write any information regarding your DUI arrest.


Well, a DUI arrest is different than a DUI conviction. So potential employers may not inquire about your criminal record regarding arrests. Remember: do not feel obligated to include any information regarding your past arrests on applications. Only mention the DUI convictions. If the application asks you to list any prior arrests, then do. Arrest records may be visible on your background checks. So you want to be honest.

Your DUI Conviction and Job Search

Always include your DUI convictions because employers are more likely to ask about them than arrests. What does an employer consider a “conviction”? The following applies to the definition of a criminal conviction:

  • You plead guilty to driving under the influence or a drunk driving-related crime.
  • You plead no contest to a driving under the influence or drunk driving-related crime as part of a plea bargain.
  • A jury found you guilty of driving under the influence.
  • A judge found you guilty of driving under the influence.

Instances Where You May Not Disclose DUI Convictions

There are situations where you have a DUI conviction and do not have to include it on a job application. If your conviction was expunged by the California court, you do not have to divulge the conviction. To expunge your criminal record means that the conviction never occurred. Therefore, you do not have to include it.
Another situation occurs when a job application only directs you to include felony convictions. If your DUI is a misdemeanor, you are not obligated to include it on your job application. You do not have to tell the interviewer either.

Why Should You Include Any or All Arrests or Convictions?

It is tempting to exclude a DUI conviction when you are searching for employment. You need a job. You are competing with job seekers who do not have a DUI on their criminal record. Besides, you are not lying. You just omitted a fact.

Do not give into the temptation of not including your convictions on your application, if your convictions have not been expunged. Withholding information on a job application or during a job interview can be a form of fraud when you are asked about it. You will find a job even if employers know about your DUI convictions.
To learn more about finding employment with a DUI, talk to the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin. If you are facing a DUI charge, do not hesitate to contact Jonathan Franklin. You want to avoid the DUI becoming part of your criminal record.

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