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Reinstating Your Driving Privileges After a California DUI

In the State of California, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Courts operate as individual entities. After a person has been charged for DUI, mail will begin to arrive from a host of different agencies. Some notices will appear from the DMV, and a person may also see letters from the Court about their upcoming case. The DMV documents contain important information about your driving status, and the letters may have requirements and conditions that must be met to avoid a license suspension.

While it may be difficult to understand all of the different notices, one should keep in mind that a particular notice does not supersede any other documents. Simply stated, this means that a letter from the DMV does not mean that other court conditions are not in place. Many drivers are rightfully confused and are unsure how to navigate the complex issues that surround a DUI charge.

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To make matters worse, two letters that are received from the same government agency may have their own conditions, and both documents may be in full force.

In California, a driver must take action against any DUI charges immediately without waiting for the court system to begin the process. If a person wants to retain their ability to operate a motor vehicle, fast action is essential, and we are here to help. Hearings in the local Court system are entirely separate from any activity that is conducted by the DMV, and each process has its own time constraints. You don't need to wait for DUI information from your local DMV office before discussing your charges with an attorney.

After a DUI charge, an individual may need to interact with the DMV as soon as possible to obtain a restricted license. This process is separate from the criminal matter in Court, and it is not an attempt to dispute the DUI charges. DMV hearings should be attended and contested, and the process is an opportunity for a driver to retain their driving privileges.

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