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South El Monte is a tiny city located to the east of downtown Los Angeles.  The population is predominantly Hispanic and LatinoSouth El Monte is a tiny city located to the east of downtown Los Angeles.  The population is predominantly Hispanic and Latino. Amongst the amenities available to residents and visitors are the Senior Centre, Community Centre, Skate Park, Mini Centre, Aquatic Centre, Mary Van Dyke Park, New Temple Park, Shively Park and Thienes Gate Park.  These offer a range of sporting and recreational facilities like tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic facilities etc.  You can also visit the Whittier Narrows Recreation Centre, one of LA County’s biggest and most popular recreation areas. 

The Whittier Narrows Nature Centre is a 400-acre sanctuary of riparian woodland.  It has four lakes and provides a safe sanctuary for many of the plants and animals that are native to wetland environments.  Migrating waterfowl use the lakes during winter and special permits are granted for photographic purposes.  The Centre also provides a range of outdoor activities and camps as well as training programs.

South El Monte is serviced by a number of restaurants, diners, cafes, fast food outlets, bars, taverns and assorted other wining and dining establishments covering a range of ethnic cuisines.

Legal Representation with a South El Monte DUI Attorney Authority

Drunk driving, or DUI, carries criminal charges and the possibility of a prison sentence in California.  The legal blood alcohol limit for driving is under a 0.08%.  South El Monte is close enough to downtown Los Angeles to make it a viable alternative for a good night out if the local offerings fail to tempt you.  However, you do need to remember the state’s DUI laws and make plans accordingly – either appoint a designated driver or make alternative travel arrangements. 

If you are caught drunk driving, you can call (310) 273-9600 to get access to highly qualified and experienced DUI attorneys.  Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced DUI attorneys will work on your case right from the moment you call to us and present a very strong representation before the court in an effort to successfully mitigate DUI charges. We have the right skills and professional attitude you need for retaining your freedom.

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