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Damaging Consequences of a Driving Under the Influence Conviction

A driving under the influence conviction possibly involves large fines, jail time and court-imposed penalties like community service. What you may not realize is that there are various types of damaging consequences a DUI conviction can have on your life. These damaging consequences are not directly related to court or Department of Motor of Vehicles imposed consequences. Instead, they are the natural effects of having the DUI conviction on your record.

Some of the damaging consequences are obvious. Some of the consequences are not so obvious because they are little known facts. Yet, they can greatly impact your future.

Automobile Insurance

A dramatic increase in car insurance rates is an obvious damaging consequence of a DUI conviction. A DUI is the type of criminal charge that will have a damaging effect on your insurance policy. If you are lucky, you may not have that great of an increase in your premiums. If you are unlucky, your car insurer may drop your policy altogether.

Travel Restrictions

This is not a well-known consequence of a DUI conviction. A DUI conviction can hinder your ability to travel outside the country. For instance, you may be required to obtain a special waiver for any criminal charge on your record prior to entering Canada. This special waiver can be required even when you only have a first-time misdemeanor DUI conviction.

Immigration Problems

Anyone who is seeking U.S. citizenship or has a green card may have problems if convicted of DUI. These problems can include obtaining citizenship or even being deported.
Adoption and/ or Custody Issues

Family court and social workers do not look favorably on a criminal DUI conviction if you in the following situations:

  • You are a foster parent.
  • You are in the middle of a child custody case.
  • You are in the middle of adopting a child or children.

Career or Employment Problems

You may not know this, but your employer may reserve the right to discipline you after you receive a DUI conviction. This form of discipline can includes possible suspension or termination of your employment contract.

Issues with Professional Licenses

If convicted of DUI, you may permanently lose your professional license or have it suspended. This include any commercial driver’s license, or CDL, or pilot’s license you have in your possession.

Suspension from College

Some universities, colleges, athletic teams and private college organizations can suspend you from school if you have a DUI conviction.

You May Be Eligible for a DUI Expungement

A DUI conviction has some damaging consequences as long as it remains on your criminal record. The key is deleting it from your record. Some individuals qualify for an expungement. You may too. An expungement is a legal way to permanently delete the conviction from your record.

In other words, a judge will re-open your DUI case and change the verdict. It is important to note that your DUI conviction will not be completely eliminated. Some individuals who view your criminal record view may see that there was a DUI. However, it will also note that the DUI has been expunged.

You may need a lawyer to fight a DUI charge or expunge your criminal record. Contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin today to schedule a free consultation. We will look at the facts of your case and discuss potentials defenses to your DUI charges.

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