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Los Angeles DUI Lawyer for Hit and Run Cases

Leaving the scene of an accident causes serious legal problems. California law is clear about the obligation drivers have to stop and exchange information anytime there is an accident. Even when you simply bump into an unoccupied car in a parking lot, you may be legally required to leave a note on the car. Problems arise when these rules are broken. Many hit and run accidents also involve alcohol and or impaired drivers. Drivers can be charged with a hit and run and other offenses that will have serious repercussions if not dealt with properly.

Los Angeles DUI Attorney Jonathan Franklin has years of experience representing clients facing hit and run charges. In serious legal matters where you face the loss of your license, heavy fines and possible jail time, it is crucial that you hire an experienced legal professional who understands the Court system and California law. Having a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney protects your rights and helps prevent your hit and run matter from becoming a legal nightmare. The ultimate goals of your attorney should be to keep you out of jail, keep your driver’s license valid and keep your record clean.

There are arguments that can be made by an experienced attorney to protect your rights and possibly lessen the charges. Obtaining the best legal advice can mean the difference between being charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. Before you talk to anyone in law enforcement and possibly make matters worse, it is critical that you contact an attorney.

Obtaining the help you need to fight serious hit and run charges is the smartest action you can take. There are many complicated legal issues to consider. Jonathan Franklin is a skilled attorney who knows the law and will fight for your rights. His phones are answered 24 hours a day to serve clients in their hour of need. Call the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin at 310.273.9600 to schedule your free consultation.

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