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Marijuana DUI

U.S. lawmakers and government agencies are now looking to Colorado and Washington to figure out how police there are enforcing marijuana driving under the influence laws. Marijuana DUIs are controversial. Typically people do not associate DUI with marijuana. However, now federal officials are asking the following questions: When is a driver too high to operate a motor vehicle?

To answer the question, federal agencies and scientists are conducting a study on how marijuana and/or the combination of alcohol and marijuana affects drivers. The study, which is designated to last three years, is considered the most complete study on driving and marijuana. The federally funded study requires volunteer participants to use the University of Iowa’s National Advanced Driving Simulator, or NADS. The NADS was designed to replicate numerous driving situations ranging from driving on gravel road and parking lots to unexpected deer jumping into roads.

How the Study Works
Prior to using the simulator, participants consumed one of the following:

  • Alcohol and Marijuana.
  • Marijuana.
  • Placebo.

Blood samples were then taken to test the participants’ level of intoxication. The participants then used the simulator to test how high was too high to drive a vehicle.
According to a recent USA Today article, the study concluded last spring, so now Federal scientists are beginning the process of analyzing data to determine how the levels of marijuana intoxication affects a person’s ability to drive. According to federal officials, the data will be released in October of 2014.

Federal researchers claim that the study uses the same testing strategy that was previously used to determine the legal limit of alcohol intoxication. Thus, the study findings will help lawmakers determine the fair and correct legal limit for marijuana DUIs. The legal limit determined by lawmakers may differ from the current marijuana legal limit in Colorado and Washington. Their legal limit is 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood. Many advocates claim that the current limit is too low. Therefore, many people accused of being under the influence of marijuana while driving should not be charged with a crime.

California Marijuana DUI Laws
While researchers continue to analyze the findings from the study, law enforcement officials aren’t waiting for the results to determine the fair marijuana DUI legal limit. Instead, they are continuing to enforce marijuana DUI laws. This includes police in California. As many experts, advocates and researchers search for an answer for marijuana DUI’s legal limit, drivers are being arrested for breaking the law.

Marijuana DUI charges are more complicated than a typical DUI charge because an individual may be accused of a crime he or she didn’t commit. If you or a loved one was charged with marijuana DUI in California, you should not try to fight it alone. You need the help of an experienced lawyer like Jonathan Franklin to fight the case. As a former prosecutor and now criminal defense lawyer, Jonathan Franklin knows how to defend your freedom, rights and future regarding your marijuana case. Contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin today.

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