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Who Pays for an Ignition Interlock Device Placed on My Vehicle?

A driver convicted of driving under the influence, or DUI, may be required by California law to have an ignition interlock device installed on his or her vehicle under a pilot program with the DMV. An ignition interlock device, or IID, prevents a driver from starting his or her vehicle if the device detects alcohol on the breath. Either the criminal court or the Department of Motor Vehicles can order a DUI offender to install the IID.


Yes You do have to Pay for the IID

If you are convicted of DUI and ordered to install an IID, you’re financially responsible. You are responsible for paying the:

• Cost for the device
• Installation costs
• IID monitoring costs
• IID calibration costs
• *Security deposit

The only payment returned to you after the ignition interlock device is removed is the security deposit. Of course, there is an asterisk by the security deposit for a reason. The security deposition is only refunded if the device is in good working order at the time it is removed from your vehicle.

What if I can’t afford the IID?

California does give some leeway to individuals who can’t pay for the device. In many DUI cases, the criminal court or DMV will allow the driver to have a payment plan if he or she can’t afford the device. The payment plan will work around a driver’s budget and may not require any up-front payments.

How much will the IID cost?

The exact amount varies depending on the IID provider and location. Los Angeles County has many registered IID providers. The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin will assist you in finding a registered IID manufacturer that is affordable.

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Despite what people claim, there are no “light” DUI penalties. In California, a DUI conviction can have serious long-term consequences such as paying for an IID. Contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin for an free consultation to assist with your DUI.

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