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These Designated Driver Tips May Help You Avoid a DUI Charge

If you’re planning on drinking, also plan to designate a driver to take you where you want to go. Designating a sober person to drive is an important safety choice for those who want to enjoy drinking while out and about. Choosing a designated driver also has one major benefit. It protects you from getting arrested for driving under the influence, or DUI. Whether you’re partying at a local bar, or enjoying yourself at a restaurant, you know you’ll be drinking. So plan ahead of time to designate a driver to take you safely home. The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin can’t stress that fact enough. Before you drink, plan to have someone sober drive you home.

Tip 1: Choose a Designated Driver Service


When you’re out with friends, no one really wants to be the only sober one in the group while everyone is having fun and drinking. Be proactive. Plan to use public transportation or an official designated driver service. In Los Angeles County, there are plenty of designated driving companies ready to drive you home. If you’re worried about picking your car up the next day, some designated drivers can drive your car back to your home.

Other Options besides Choosing a Designated Driver

 If you don’t want to use a designated driving service, you can still ask someone to be your designated driver. Here are some safety tips for designating a sober driver:

• Plan ahead. This can’t be stressed enough. If there’s a chance you’ll drink at an event, decide to choose a designated driver.
• Make sure your designated driver is someone you trust. Only choose a designated driver who will follow through on his or her promise to remain sober and drive you home safely.

Carpool with other drivers. Sometimes you don’t want to drive to a party or event and leave your car parked in a parking lot or on a street. If you and your friends decide to take one car, it will eliminate having to return to the event the next day to retrieve your vehicle.

Should I be a Designated Driver?

You may not think being a designated driver is something fun to do. Remember, having fun with friends or at an event doesn’t require drinking alcohol. It’s a serious commitment, but it does have its perks.  Many restaurants and bars in the SoCal area will provide designated drivers with free food and non-alcoholic beverages. Call ahead to find out if the restaurant or bar participates in giving designated drivers special offers.

Contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin

If you choose to drink and drive, you may be pulled over by the police, arrested and charged with DUI. Los Angeles County doesn’t try to hide the fact it targets drunk drivers, especially during holidays and special events.

Law enforcement officers routinely hang outside of restaurants and bars to deter individuals from drinking and driving. If you have been charged with DUI, contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin for a free consultation. In fact, it’s imperative to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible to avoid loss of valuable evidence and time needed to prepare a defense.

Even a misdemeanor DUI charge in California can have severe, permanent consequences on your reputation, employment opportunities and life. Jonathan Franklin is a former prosecutor who now successfully defends clients accused of DUI. Contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin to schedule a free consultation today.

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