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Under Arrest or Questioned for DUI? Here’s What Not to Say to Police

You probably remember hearing the news reports on Thursday 23, 2014 when pop singer Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami. He was arrested in Miami, FL, for suspicion of driving under the influence, or DUI, after he was stopped while drag racing his rented Lamborghini. As a result, Bieber was charged with driving on an expired license and resisting arrest.

Why was Bieber Accused of Resisting Arrest?


The resisting arrest charge had nothing to do with force or running from police, according to the Miami Beach police report. Instead, the charge was the result of his reluctance to cooperate with the police officer’s requests. Police wrote in the report that Bieber:

• Constantly questioned why he was stopped
• Continuously placed his hands inside his pockets after being told not to do so
• Was uncooperative when police tried to search him
• Used profanity

When Questioned by Police, You have the Right to Remain Silent

Bieber’s behavior during his questioning had plenty of repercussions, including the resisting arrest charge. The pop star is just one example of how a person stopped and/ or arrested for DUI shouldn’t act in Los Angeles County.

You have a Constitutional right to remain silent while being questioned by police. This right can be more powerful than any question you ask the police. It can even be a powerful tool in avoiding an arrest, conviction and penalties associated with DUI.

When employing your right to remain silent, remember you:

• Have the right to request an attorney
• Have the right not to talk about the events surrounding your DUI arrest
• Don’t have to talk to police even if it’s to deny an allegation

Why is exercising your right to remain silent so important? It protects you from telling police anything that can incriminate you. This means that if you volunteer information, the police may give the information to prosecutors. They will use the information to try to convict you of DUI.

Another thing every driver can learn from Bieber involves remaining polite with law enforcement. It’s best to comply with a police officer’s reasonable, lawful requests. Also, never curse or continuously question officers like the pop singer allegedly did. You never want to give police a legal reason to add more criminal charges.

Anyone who engages in the types of behavior Bieber allegedly did during his arrest can get arrested. Many people don’t realize that the arresting police officer can have an influence on the criminal charges that may filed against them.

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