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How to Beat a DUI Charge in California

“Will I be able to beat my DUI charge?” As a DUI criminal attorney, I frequently hear that question from potential clients.

Every DUI charge is different. In many of the cases, the answer can be “yes.”


The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin doesn’t guarantee a positive resolution to any DUI case. In fact, you should never hire any DUI criminal attorney who guarantees a positive resolution to any criminal case. There are proven ways the attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin can use to defend clients in their drunk driving cases and win. Yes, and win.

Contesting Your Chemical Test

Chemical tests consist of testing blood, breath and urine. They are typically viewed as undeniable and concrete evidence. Remember, that’s popular opinion and what law enforcement wants you to think. The opinion can be wrong. Our attorneys understand how to operate chemical tests and use this knowledge to fight any inaccurate blood alcohol concentration results.
Contesting Your Traffic Stop

We can contest the lawfulness of the traffic stop in an effort to prove your innocence. Police must have reasonable suspicion to pull you over for a traffic stop. Reasonable suspicion is a belief a driver is operating a motor vehicle while impaired. It may also mean you violated some other traffic law like speeding or running a red light.

If the traffic stop wasn’t lawful, then none of the evidence obtained during or after that stop is viable. It’s considered fruit from the poisonous tree. The state can’t use the evidence against you. Evidence thrown out of court usually leads to dropped DUI charges or reduced charges.

Contesting the Arresting Officer’s Procedures during Your Traffic Stop

All police must follow standardized procedures with respect to how they conduct themselves at a traffic stop. This is especially true regarding driving under the influence traffic stops. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, created the field sobriety test manual used by police nationwide. If any officer deviates from this manual, then the DUI tests could be ruled inadmissible.  

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You’ve been charged with being under the influence of drugs and/ or alcohol while operating a motor vehicle. Remember a criminal charge is different from a criminal conviction. A charge is part of the legal process that begins after an arrest. A conviction is what happens after a person has been pled guilty or no contest to the charge. If you have just been arrested for DUI, you’re not at that stage in the legal process where you are convicted of the charge.

You have time, but you want to schedule a consultation as soon as possible. An experienced DUI lawyer needs time to go over the details of the case, preserve evidence and negotiate deals with the prosecutor or prepare for trial.

Attorney Jonathan Franklin will take his knowledge and experience as a prosecutor and use it to weaken the state’s case. As a DUI criminal attorney, Jonathan Franklin understands how serious it is to have your freedom threatened by a DUI charge. That’s why he and his team of lawyers will provide an intelligent and aggressive defense in court and during the negotiation process.

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