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What You Should Know about Ignition Interlock Devices

California takes driving under the influence extremely seriously. That is why there are tough penalties for DUI convictions. One tough penalty is called Ignition Interlock Devices, or IIDs. If you are convicted of DUI, the court may make installing an IID part of your sentence.

An IID is a device that prohibits a vehicle’s engine from starting unless there is no alcohol in the driver’s system. The device has a tube. The individual must blow into the tube to generate a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, reading. If there is a BAC result over the legal limit, the vehicle will not start. The device will require the driver to blow into the tube periodically while driving.

Whether you or a loved one are facing the possibility of a DUI conviction, there is some important information for you to know regarding this anti-drunk driving device.

You are required to Pay for the Device.

The court may order you to install the device onto your vehicle. California’s Department of Motor Vehicle may impose an IID restriction too according to 14601.2. In either case, you are required to pay for the device or face additional penalties.

You Cannot Install the Device Yourself

If you are required to install the device on your vehicle, you have to pay a company to install it for you. The installer must be approved by the state. Installation costs vary. However, the average cost is about $100. The average daily cost is approximately $2.50 per day. Keep in mind that the long-term costs depend on how long the device must be installed on the vehicle.

Trying to Drink and Drive While Using the IID is a Crime

There are certain ways people try to drink and drive while the device is installed on their vehicles. For instance, a driver may have a friend, stranger or family member blow into the device. This is unlawful. A driver who has the device installed is the only one who can take the test.

Another way drivers try to cheat the IID is by tampering with the device. For example, a driver may try to remove the device from his or her vehicle to drive after having a couple of alcoholic beverages. This is also illegal.

Certain Foods Can Cause a High BAC Reading

Sometimes you can do everything right and your vehicle will not start. This can occur because the device malfunctioned or you consumed the wrong foods. In fact, certain foods, non-alcoholic beverages and mouthwash can give you a false-positive reading. Studies show that you should wait at least 20 minutes after eating any foods or drinking any beverages before blowing into the device. Also, you want to avoid using any mouthwash prior to starting your vehicle. Mouthwash contains alcohol. This can give you a false positive reading.

Avoiding DUI-related Penalties

Hiring a competent attorney to aggressively fight your DUI charge can help you avoid or mitigate your DUI-related penalties. The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin will assist you in your efforts to avoid the harsh consequences of a drunk driving conviction, including IIDs. If you were arrested for DUI or any other criminal matter, contact us to schedule your free consultation. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we will assist you in fighting your DUI charge.

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