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Halloween DUI Arrest? Act Immediately by Calling a DUI Lawyer

A Halloween arrest is definitely not a treat. You may feel like others who have been stopped and arrested for DUI on Halloween, that it is just a trick. However, a Halloween DUI arrest is a harsh reality with even harsher consequences.

In Los Angeles County, police are on the lookout for adults partying during the numerous Halloween events. You may even notice an increase in police patrols and sobriety checkpoints in an effort to catch people driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Increased patrols and DUI checkpoints can yield exciting results for police like DUI arrests, traffic citations and impounding vehicles. Whether you are stopped while driving or at a DUI checkpoint, it vital that you are aware of your legal options and rights. This is especially true if you are arrested on suspicion of DUI. A DUI conviction may result in a loss of driving privileges, jail and fines.

Halloween DUI? Talk to an Attorney as Soon as Possible

When you are facing a DUI arrest on Halloween or at any time, it is essential that you act immediately. Contact a DUI lawyer. Also during your consultation, review all your legal options with your lawyer. For instance, you have 10 days from the day of your arrest to contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV. You have to schedule a hearing to retain your driving privileges until the matter is decided by the hearing officer. Otherwise your license will be suspended in thirty days from the date of your arrest.

Make Sure Your DUI Attorney is Working in Your Best Interest

Do not leave your future and reputation in the hands of anyone not working in your best interest. Your attorney should not guarantee victory or dropped charges. He or she should not be ready to take the first plea deal offered. Instead, your attorney should look at the facts like your chemical test, arrest and field sobriety tests and determine the best defenses to use.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin, we know that drunk driving arrests increase during official and unofficial holidays. We are also familiar with the mistakes police make while conducting DUI checkpoints. We use that knowledge and our experience to fight for our clients’ rights and interests. Whether it is at the DMV hearing or court, we will fight to protect your future and driving privileges.

When you need a lawyer to represent you after a Halloween or any type of DUI arrest, contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin to schedule your free consultation. We represent our clients aggressively and effectively as we diligently work to obtain the best possible resolution of their matter.

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