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Majority of Californians have encountered sobriety checkpoints, or DUI checkpoints, while driving. Sobriety checkpoints is an effort to decrease drunk driving. Law enforcement officials generally conduct checkpoints and increase patrols of holidays like the Fourth of July or Labor Day. So what happens when you approach a sobriety checkpoint and choose to drive in another direction to avoid it?

There is no denying the fact that the past 70 years has seen a huge change in how police and the public view driving under the influence. Numerous private organizations, government agencies and lawmakers have focused on DUI laws. For instance, in California a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, of 0.08 percent or higher falls within the DUI statute. Drivers at or above 0.08 BAC are typically arrested for DUI. This shift has helped decrease alcohol-related vehicle accidents across the country. However, it has also caused a rise in the number of DUI arrests.

Can what happened to a Southern California man in July 2014 happen to you? It may seem extreme but there are certain instances where you can be accused of causing a drunk driving accident and face murder charges too.

After a driving under the influence arrest, you probably feel hopeless. You believe the police have so much evidence against you that you’ll have to plead guilty or face a conviction. You think that the prosecutor has a slam dunk case against you. Remember this: You’ve only been arrested and/or charged with DUI. You’re not convicted of any crime. There are four other things to remember about your DUI arrest and/or charge:

You may have viewed the growing number of public service announcements pushing the message that buzz driving is the same thing as drinking and driving. For many viewers this is confusing. What really is buzzed driving? Can you really get arrested for buzzed drinking and driving? When it comes to drinking alcohol and driving, how much alcohol is too much?

Driving under the influence penalties

You may already know that a DUI conviction has tough penalties like jail time, probation and fines according to California Vehicle Code 23152. Those are the criminal penalties. However, there are many non-criminal penalties you may not know that go hand in hand with a DUI conviction. In California, there are a variety of ways a DUI conviction will change your life. The following is a small sample:

Have you ever notice an individual speeding, rolling through a stop sign or swerving while driving? It’s easy to assume that the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. That is not always a true assumption. He or she may just be a poor driver. In fact, there are several types of poor driving behavior that are unrelated to drinking alcohol or consuming drugs. Yet, they are as dangerous—maybe even more dangerous—than driving under the influence, or DUI.

It is a popular trend. Many people are adding energy drinks to their alcoholic beverages. Energy drinks are beverages like 5-hour Energy, Red Bull, and Monster. It is not only a caffeine and alcohol mix, but it also includes stimulants like taurine and ginseng. This type of mixture has an unusual intoxicating effect. A person may be alert, however, the individual may not necessarily be aware of how drunk he or she actually is. There are two studies that detail the impact from the combination of alcohol and energy drinks.

You've been arrested on a DUI in California, and your license has been revoked. Now what? What exactly happens following a DUI charge in California? The charge is upsetting enough, but you need your car and your driver's license. So, how do you get your license back?

The official California DMV website offers a history of laws pertaining to California DMV APS license suspension. This information is accessible via the following link:

In 1990, a new law was enacted allowing driver's licenses of people accused of driving under the influence to be suspended in a shorter amount of time. Prior to 1990, the DMV was forced to wait until one was found guilty in a Court of law and a summary of the Court's findings was delivered to the DMV.

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